Moisturising : All You Need to Know

If you’ve flicked through a magazine, been on YouTube or watched TV in the last decade, chances are you’ve come across ads listing all the benefits moisturising has to offer. Maybe you popped down to the store, turned into the moisturiser aisle only to be met with a seemingly endless array of choices, leaving you feeling a tad overwhelmed.

Let’s dive into the why’s and when’s on moisturising and guide you on how to pick the best moisturiser for You.

Why Moisturise?

Our skin produces sebum, a natural oil that works its way through the skin forming a barrier of protection on the top layer, which acts as a two-way wall by locking moisture within, while keeping the damaging effects of our day to day surroundings out.

All fine and dandy, until you shower. All that hot water strips away our natural layer of protection, leaving the skin dry and vulnerable to the elements. By applying a high-quality moisturiser, we add back that protective layer all while re-hydrating the skin.

Bear in mind moisturising re-establishes a two-way barrier, so ensure you apply your cream on top of a thoroughly clean face as any missed dirt will get trapped underneath. Moisturising will elevate the rest of your skincare routine by locking in all the active ingredient goodies that go on before, you lose far less to evaporation and should have a noticeable boost to your results.

Your skin works hard for you every day, by keeping it adequately hydrated, your skin can do its job optimally, decreasing bouts of breakouts, and keeping drab, dullness at bay.

When to Moisturise?

This comes down to personal preference. However, we recommend a twice a day routine, once in the morning with another round before bed.

So, what’s the deal with day, night and body creams? Worth including them all in your skincare arsenal?

In short, yes! While a one-size-fits-all cream would be ideal, each one is worthy of a spot, offering different advantages.

Day Creams

Tasked with protecting and supporting your skin throughout the day. Usually your day cream will be light in consistency to avoid greasiness, but still luxurious enough to leave your skin feeling hydrated. Be on the look out for one containing SPF for the added benefit of some sun protection.

Here at Hey Gorgeous we leave the addition of SPF up to you as many of you have a dedicated sunscreen in your daily routine already. We use zinc oxide as it’s kinder on your skin than most commercial sunscreens and provides a protective barrier that sits on top of skin rather than being absorbed. Please feel free to enquire online.

Night Creams

A heavy hitter, getting to work while you sleep on repairing and regenerating your skin. Thick, rich and packed full of anti-ageing ingredients, your night cream penetrates deep into the skin over the course of hours, leaving your skin hydrated and restored come morning time.

Try our Gorgeous Crème De La Crème Olive & Vitamin E Night Cream which contains a whole host of high-quality ingredients, providing your skin with a nourishing boost at just the right time.

Find our whole range of facial creams here and you can take 10% off any moisturiser purchase 😊 Enter promo code GORGEOUSFACE2019 at the checkout, but hurry, promo ends on the 31st January 2019.

Body Creams

We’re looking for a thick, hard working cream that relieves the skin from any dryness. Far less sensitive than the skin on your face, your body can benefit from a more heavy-duty cream that provides a stronger barrier from the environment, without the worry of any clogging of your pores.

If you’re stuck on where to start our range of body creams are fun and effective, we’ve got something for everyone!

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