Derma Rolling - All You Need to Know

I’m sure you’ve heard about all the amazing benefits derma rolling has to offer and if not, this post has you covered. The bottom line is that derma rolling is a potent addition to any skincare routine. Rolling is fully deserving of your attention, it’s quick to do, inexpensive and above all else very effective.

Why you should be rolling…

As we age our bodies produces less and less collagen (the stuff that helps our skin feel full, firm and youthful). Derma rolling causes microtrauma to the skin, which sounds scary but it’s not at all. There are little to no side effects from rolling, you may be left feeling as if a little sunburnt, but this will pass within an hour or two. In response to rolling, your skin fires up collagen production past baseline levels, getting to work on skin repair and rejuvenation.

What products are you using right now? Derma rolling enhances your skin’s ability to absorb and utilize those products. Essentially, you’re going to get more out of whatever you’re putting onto your skin.

I’m battling with acne, can I roll?

Yes, but not overactive blemishes, this can cause the bacteria to spread (we don’t want this). Just roll around any active areas or wait for your skin to calm and settle. Rolling will get more from your acne products, helping speed up the treatment process. Check out our Acne range, we have some fantastic options to get you on the path to clearer skin.

How about scarring?

This is where derma rolling really shines. Whether you want to treat acne scarring, stretch marks or even surgical scars, derma rolling is a star player in skin recovery. Scars are formed through an abnormal build-up of collagen, derma rolling helps break apart this build-up encouraging collagen and elastin levels to return to healthy levels.

Stretch marks occur from the skin rapidly stretching and are a little tougher to treat than regular scarring. Our Stretch Mark Healing Oil teams up fantastically with derma rolling. The two get to work at reducing both the appearance of stretch marks and improving the overall condition of your skin, preventing any more from popping up.

Who doesn’t want to look younger?

The bump in collagen and elastin production derma rolling provides helps your skin feel fuller and firmer – the hallmarks of younger skin – plumping up deep lines and wrinkles. On top of that, rolling teams up with your anti-ageing skincare products to lessen the appearance of hyperpigmentation and sunspots. Derma rolling is our go-to way to slow and even reverse the signs of ageing that show up on our skin.

Are there any dangers to derma rolling?

With barely a downside to rolling and a quick recovery time, derma rolling is very low risk. To get the most out your sessions here a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be diligent about disinfecting your needles after each use.
  • Grossed out at the thought of sharing your toothbrush? Treat your roller the same way, no sharing.
  • Be sure to leave enough time between each use. Longer needles more days between use (see here for guidelines). Just like working out, it’s in the recovery time that the magic happens so be sure not to overdo it.
  • Rolling is safer than laser treatments and chemical peels, as there is no risk of pigment loss to your skin making it ideal for all skin types and skin colours.

Different derma rollers come with slightly different instructions for use, this is down to the needle length options. A shorter needle length means you can roll more often with quicker recovery time between bouts, a longer needle length requiring more time between each application.

Looking for a more detailed breakdown on how / how often to apply? Go check out our 6 in 1 derma roller here.

Not sure what serum to use with your derma roller?

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