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The Bio Roller G5

R 1,100
Introducing the Bio Roller° G5: Unlock Radiant Skin and Ageless Beauty

The Bio Roller° G5 isn’t just a skincare tool; it’s a promise—an invitation to embrace timeless beauty. Let’s delve into what makes this innovative device a game-changer for your skin:

  1. Advanced Microneedling Technology:

    • The 9 ultra-fine needles of the Bio Roller° G5 delicately penetrate the epidermis, creating thousands of tiny channels.
    • These channels pave the way for transformative skincare by allowing potent ingredients to reach deeper layers of your skin.
    • But that’s not all—the Bio Roller° G5 also releases gentle currents. These currents work like whispers, awakening your skin’s natural vitality.
  2. Deep Muscle Movement and Contour Reshaping:

    • Beneath the surface, the Bio Roller° G5 promotes deep muscle movement.
    • It’s like a gentle workout for your skin—reshaping contours, enhancing firmness, and revealing a more sculpted you.
    • Say hello to lifted cheekbones and a jawline that defies gravity.
  3. Skin Tissue Repair and Regeneration:

    • The magic lies in its ability to initiate skin tissue repair. Cellular regeneration becomes a daily ritual.
    • Fine lines retreat, imperfections fade, and your skin’s resilience is restored.
    • Pores? They shrink, almost as if they’re whispering secrets of newfound radiance.
  4. LED Lights and Vibrations for Post-Treatment Bliss:

    • After your microneedling session, the Bio Roller° G5 treats you to a spa-like experience.
    • Blue Light (455 nm): Calm and soothe. It’s like a gentle ocean breeze for your skin.
    • Red Light (630 nm): Wrinkles retreat, and your skin rejuvenates. It’s the sunrise of a new day for your complexion.
    • And the subtle vibrations? They’re like a comforting hug for your face.
  5. EMS Micro Currents:

    • The Bio Roller° G5 boasts 540 micro needles (standard with the roller) for targeted skin cell repair.
    • At 0.5mm, these needles work their magic, stimulating collagen production and encouraging skin renewal.
    • It’s like a symphony of rejuvenation, orchestrated by science and nature.
  6. G5 Derma Roller Head:  

Available in .5mm ideal for a weekly application.

Unlock Eternal Radiance Today: Because gorgeous is forever. Welcome to the ageless revolution, where confidence knows no bounds. The Bio Roller° G5—your ticket to timeless beauty.

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