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Rose Petal Bath Salts

R 205
Why Use Me?

Turn bath time into a tranquil haven of relaxation and soak away the stress of the day with our gorgeous Rose Petal Bath Salts.  These luxurious salts include real rose petals for a feeling of botanical luxury.

Made With:

Unwind with Epsom Salts, Bicarbonate of Soda, Oatmeal Powder, Khoisan Salts and Essential Oils whilst the romantic fragrance of fresh summer roses uplifts your mood.



How To Use It:

Pour a generous amount into your bath water, grab a glass of your favourite something, tell the kids to go play, and relax! Easy peasy!

“These bath salts live up to their promises. It really does smell amazing and makes the water so soft. I stay in until I am wrinkly because I never want to get out of the tub!”

- Wilma Potgieter, Bloemfontein.

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