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Eternal Radiance Bakuchiol & Rosehip Moisturiser

R 525
Introducing our Eternal Radiance Bakuchiol & Rosehip Moisturiser, where science meets luxury. Crafted with precision and infused with potent ingredients, this moisturiser is your secret to ageless allure. Let your skin drink in the magic and embrace a luminous transformation.
Why Choose Eternal Radiance
  1. Bakuchiol Brilliance: Derived from the babchi plant, bakuchiol is the gentle retinol alternative. It stimulates collagen, smooths fine lines, and evens skin tone. Say hello to radiance without the sensitivity.
  2. Rosehip Revival: Rosehip oil, rich in vitamins A and C, works tirelessly to fade scars, reduce hyperpigmentation, and restore elasticity. Your skin will thank you with a dewy, youthful glow.
  3. Hydration Hero: Our cream is more than moisture—it’s a rejuvenating elixir. Hyaluronic acid quenches thirsty skin, while ceramides strengthen the skin barrier. The result? Plump, supple skin that defies time.
Size: 100g
  • Cleanse: Begin with a fresh canvas. Gently cleanse your face and pat dry.
  • Apply: Smooth a generous amount of Eternal Radiance Bukuchoil & Rosehip Moisturiser onto your face and neck. Let it melt into your skin, leaving behind a veil of hydration.
  • Feel the Transformation: As the cream absorbs, feel the transformation unfold. Your skin will radiate with renewed vitality.
  • Day or Night: Use it day or night—Eternal Radiance adapts to your rhythm. Wear it under makeup or let it shine solo.
  • Bakuchiol Oil: The age-defying secret.
  • Rosehip Oil: Nature’s elixir for luminosity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: A hydration booster.
  • Ceramides: Strengthening skin’s armour.
Join the Ageless Revolution:

Eternal Radiance isn’t just a serum; it’s a promise. A promise to cherish your skin, celebrate your journey, and embrace the beauty of every age. Welcome to the ageless revolution—where confidence knows no bounds. Unlock Eternal Radiance today. Because gorgeous is forever.


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