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Candyfloss Lip Scrub

R 115

Why Use Me?

You never know when you might have to pucker up so best to keep your lips soft, smooth and totally smoochable.

Made With:

Oh so delicious Caramelized Sugar, Coconut Oil, Jojoba & Essential Oils.



Why It Works:

Our yummilicious lip scrub will polish off rough dry skin, whilst the oils moisturise and soften your lips leaving them flake free, soft and kiss ready.

How To Use It:

Gently massage a very small amount (about the size of half a pea) into your upper and lower lips using circular motions for about one minute. Feel free to lick off any excess ;]

“Your Lip Scrubs are AWESOME! My lips feel so soft and don’t dry out like they did before!”

- Marlene Rautenbach, Durbanville.

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