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Choconut Steamy Creamy Body Wash

R 135
Why Use Me?

Relish your time in the shower with our handmade scented body wash. It works into a nourishing, creamy lather, which cleans and moisturises your skin. We avoid SLS and harmful chemicals in all of our products, and unlike other body washes, this one won’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry after bathing. All our products are made with natural ingredients, so your skin will feel naturally beautiful, silky smooth and fresh.

Made With:

Jojoba, Coconut Oil, Wax Emulsifiers and Essential Oils.



Why It Works:

This luxurious body wash does not contain SLS, which is a foaming agent (and not very good for your skin!) – instead, it’s rich creamy formula will lather to a light foam effectively cleansing and moisturising your skin.

How To Use It:

Sponge on, rinse and leave your shower behind taking the fresh scent of your body wash with you.

“I can’t use any product with SLS because it dries and irritates my skin. As most body washes contain this, I was so pleased to see yours doesn’t. It’s great! Cleanses well and my skin feels soft and hydrated.”

- Beaulah Swart, Bellville.

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