We’re Greek

This explains everything. Our passion for life, family, friends, beauty, food and all the good stuff. And when it comes to beauty care, we’re definitely passionate about the good stuff too. ​Three generations of women in our family, each inspired by our beautiful world and those close to us, produce amazing skincare products that not only work effectively, but pleasure all the senses, making your pamper time a deserved indulgence.

South African adults use on average 12 different cosmetics or personal care products on their skin every day. While using these products, we apply on average 168 different ingredients to the skin each day. 22 percent of personal care products on the market contain at least one chemical that is linked to cancer. Our skin absorbs into the body 60 percent of the makeup, creams and lotions that we apply each day.

Hey Gorgeous take the guesswork out by choosing the most natural products available. Our selection of ingredients and quality manufacturing standards ensure that our personal care products are made without harmful ingredients. We never include ingredients like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, ammonia, toluene and formaldehyde. We actively formulate our products with the most natural ingredients available, and where possible we choose support local suppliers.

All of our products are formulated by real women for real women and are made with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients that are completely beneficial for the skin. From organic essential oils to bio-dynamically grown botanicals, fruit and nut oils, these ingredients are individually and carefully selected from local suppliers (wherever possible) for their ability to heal and nurture the skin naturally. Seekers of more natural cosmetics and skin care alternatives can now try our gorgeous products and experience the difference of completely natural skin care. The benefits will reveal a complexion that is soft, supple and glowing.

Ten Things About Us

♥  Everything we make, we make with love.

♥  Hey Gorgeous is family run. Real people. Real products.

♥  We source locally and use only natural ingredients.

♥  Our planet is important to us. We try to keep our carbon footprint small.

♥  Our products are cruelty free! We only test on our friends.

♥  Our testimonials are all 100% true. We stand by this.

♥  We stand by our products. They really work.

♥  We love helping people feel confident and gorgeous.

♥  We’re relatively young, but we have big dreams and amazing friends.

♥  We are based in South Africa, but we now offer worldwide shipping.