Our Rewards Program

How to apply for HG Rewards?

Register for online shopping and automatically get signed up to the Hey Gorgeous Loyalty Programme

When are points rewarded?

Hey Gorgeous Loyalty points are automatically added to your loyalty account when an order is paid or fulfilled and are subtracted when an order is cancelled.ย 

How many points are earned?

Start racking up Gorgeous Points. For every R20 you spend, you'll get one Gorgeous Point back* (1 Gorgeous Point = R1).ย (tax and shipping / handling excluded).All you need to do is log in with your username and password next time you shop and you can use your Gorgeous Points to pay for your purchase (Terms and Conditions apply).

Refer-a-Friend Program

What is your "refer-a-friend" program?

If you love our products and love telling people about them, to thank you for every customer you introduce and who purchases to the value of R500 or more, you will receive a R50 credit reward on your account, which can be offset against any purchases you make. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Who can send offers?

Any user who has a registered account on your store can make referrals by sending offers. Users may be shown a โ€œSharing Overlayโ€ to make referrals after they complete a purchase. If your store has implemented our Loyalty Program, a user can also make referrals by going to the link: โ€œInvites Friends & Earn Pointsโ€ on the Loyalty Account Overlay.

Who can receive offers?

Anyone who follows a referral link to your store will be shown a โ€œWelcome Overlayโ€ where he or she can redeem an offer by entering an email address. Only new email addresses will receive an offer. This is to limit repeated offer redemption by the same user, although please note that in some cases, the same user may circumvent by registering with different email addresses.