For the first time since we embarked on this Gorgeous journey in 2013, we are giving everyone including our Hey Gorgeous family, customers, suppliers & supporters, the opportunity to invest in in our growing brand!


This is only the start! We have big dreams and big plans ahead and YOU can be part of it!

Want to invest in Hey Gorgeous? Now's the chance!

Glorious Cape Town will always be home. We will always be a proud South African brand. We will continue to develop innovative and manufacture all our products in the Mother City, but the world NEEDS Gorgeous. So, bonjour Europe! You’re our next stop on this Gorgeous train. Our effective sales and marketing strategy ensures that we’ll hit the ground running and we are so excited to get stuck in but we need your help to make it happen. 


Why we’re a much-loved brand already:
  • Inspired by African tradition, infused with natural botanicals, we take a truly revolutionary approach to clean skincare that is not only forward thinking, uncompromising, but also kind to both your skin and the planet.
  • Our products are inspired by our African heritage and our love of nature. Formulated with heart, soul & science.
  • We use sustainable botanical skin-loving ingredients that deliver results, and if we’re bold enough to say it, and we are, happiness.
  • Free from parabens & other nasty synthetics.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Coral reef friendly.
  • Grey water safe.
  • Palm oil free.
  • Formulated by real people for real people.
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Happy packaging & serious results.
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Accredited.
  • We use only recycled and recyclable packaging.

Why invest in us? 
  • We’re proud to have achieved a multi-million rand turn over year after year.
  • We are pioneers of the Clean Beauty movement, with over 10 years leading the way.
  • We have over 15,000 five star reviews and our customers love us.

You can go on ahead and simply:

Choose the amount you are comfortable to invest. We have options to choose every budget starting from R250 to R100 000. 

Payment is made securely online, and you’ll become a part owner of Hey Gorgeous. You’ll receive your certificate for safe keeping, additional Gorgeous benefits depending on how much you invest, and of course, we’ll keep in regular contact with how your investment is being used. Together, we can spread Gorgeous across the seas!  

Who can invest?

Anyone over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world.

What do I get if I invest?

You’ll become a shareholder in Hey Gorgeous - a part-owner of the company. We are also offering investors a range of exclusive rewards alongside the equity they receive for their investment.

How do I make a return on my investment?

Return may come via a liquidity event such as a trade sale, secondary market transaction or an IPO. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering - This is a public offering in which shares of a company are sold to institutional investors and usually also to retail investors. A privately owned company lists its shares on a stock exchange, making them available for purchase by the general public.
Dividends are certainly a possibility but in reality, for a growth business like ours, dividends are likely to be at least 2-3 years away from being paid because profits are generally reinvested back into the business to help it grow. You are more likely to see a return from an exit e.g. sale of company or IPO (Initial Public Offering) whereby the shares that you own accumulate in value.

Can I sell or transfer my shares?

We are only selling a limited amount of shares and there will be a waiting list for those who were not able to purchase on our opening round. If you wish to sell your shares, we’ll make them available to those on the waiting list and you will be notified when the sale goes live. 

What is the share price and valuation?

The share price is R250 and the valuation is R25 Million.

Would I be able to increase my investment amount at any time, or only at set periods?

You will only be able to increase your investment should we decide to raise more money, which may be at a point in the future. Alternatively, you may be able to privately buy or sell your shares if you can identify a buyer or seller through your own channels.

Would you like to chat to us before investing? Email or pop us a message below and we'll get back to you asap Gorgeous!