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Matcha & Manuka Face Mask

R 305
Why Use Me

This is one of our favourite products (and it was a tough choice) from our Matcha and Manuka range. It's the BEST face mask we've have ever used. Seriously. It's wonderfully nourishing, healing and hydrating. 

Made With:

* Aloe therapeutic gel * Manuka Honey * Matcha Tea Distillate * Chamomile and Lavender 



Why It Works:

 With skin loving ingredients, this mask feels luxurious on the skin. It feeds and nourishes it leaving it soft, fresh and rehydrated. 

Apply to clean dry skin once or twice a week. Leave on for 15 and wipe off with a warm face cloth then spritz your skin with the Matcha & Manuka facial tonic for additional benefits.

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