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No More Chlorine Hair Mist

R 175
Why Use Me?

Swimmers require special haircare and skincare products because they are exposed to pool chemicals. Swimming in chlorine damages the hair by making it dry, brittle, smelly and discoloured. It bonds to the skin making it dry, smelly and itchy. Some swimmers report having chlorine allergies which arise from contact with chlorine. Our No More Chlorine Mist removes chlorine from hair and skin in one single application. Simply rinse, spray onto hair and skin, shampoo /rinse and voila! No more Chlorine.

Made With:

Distilled Water L-Ascorbic Acid, Essential Oils.



Why It Works:

Chlorine bonds to the hair and skin. Ordinary soaps and shampoos aren't able to remove all of the it. What it needs is a boost of antioxidant. No More Chlorine Hair Mist removes the chlorine effortlessly and without affecting the natural health of your hair and skin.

How To Use It:

Rinse, spray onto your hair and skin, shampoo as usual. Spray onto your costume too.

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