How to Supercharge Your Serum Results


You’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of your Hey Gorgeous serum, and rightfully so. Our serums are chock-a-block full of the antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients your skin craves. You’re excited to see the benefits those free radical fighting, active ingredients bring to your skin’s happiness. How can you maximize all the goodness your serum provides? Moisturise!

Likely, moisturising is already part of your skincare routine. If it’s not, now is the time to jump onboard the glowing skin train. Unlike a serum, where no seal is formed, moisturising adds a protective barrier to your skin, trapping moisture within, while keeping yucky environmental particles at bay. 

How does this boost the effects of your serum?

Well, that handy barrier moisturising creates, has a key role to play in supporting your serum’s efficacy. Acting not only to lock in moisture but also those luxurious, active ingredients your serum provides. A match made in skin heaven. Penetrating much deeper into the skin and with nowhere to go, your serum gets to work, impressively combatting the pigmentation, acne, scarring and free radical damage we all battle with.

Moisturising does far more than benefiting serum usage alone. Enhancing skin vibrancy, reducing dullness and of course, hydrating the skin are all stand-alone reasons to include moisturising in your daily routine. So, show your skin some TLC with the moisturiser and serum dream team, being a fantastic way to improve how you feel in your own skin. 

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