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Ion Therapy Wand

R 695
Why Use Me?

Iontophoresis Treatment: An innovative science in restorative skin rejuvenation and acne treatment.

Operated with a single AAA battery, the therapy wand is a great way to increase your skincare regime by maximising the use of your products when applying.

What does it do?

Ion technology or Iontophoresis is a technique using a small electric charge/impulse to effectively propel the active ingredients of skin care products into the skin. It also works very effectively to relax and de-stress facial muscles, reducing the formulation of lines and wrinkles.

This impulse helps to penetrate the product deeper into the skin .

  • Using your hands to apply eye cream it will penetrate/soak in 30% – 70% of the epidermis (top layers of the skin)
  • Using the Ion Therapy Wand will penetrate/soak in 100% through Epidermis and to Dermal Layers .
  • If you are treating specific skin goals like pigmentation, dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles or acne scarring, this clever little devise will ensure your Skin Lightening and Brightening Serum, Revitalising Eye Cream, Happily Ever or Banish and Repair serum are completely absorbed into the skin, increasing their efficacy accelerating results.

This means that by using the Hey Gorgeous Ion Therapy Wand, you get more out of your creams and serums and you treat new skin cells from the moment they are formed.

More about the Wand: 

The most visible sign of aging is the condition of an individual’s skin. Age leads to unwanted visible representations of this on the skin such as lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

In a nutshell, iontophoresis is the more effective delivery of ingredients (such as vitamins, antioxidants or peptides) that permeate the skin beyond the superficial level.  The term is partially derived from the Greek word phoresis for movement and the electrical term ion, to define the use of electrical movements. Iontophoresis is an electric-based delivery of nutrients that circumvents many of the lipid bi-layers of the skin by directly penetrating between them, something that passive liquid diffusion cannot.  It is a reliable delivery technique when used in tandem with sonophoresis for enhanced lightening or hydration of the skin. 

Once delivered into the skin, the ionic molecules can be activated if stimulated with an electrical charge to further propel them into the skin. This method is vastly superior to standard liquid diffusion, as repeated ionization offers a more concentrated collection of nutrients delivered deeper than liquid diffusion can achieve.

The depth to which iontophoresis treatment allows nutrients to penetrate during treatments, provides faster and more effective results.  Also during this technique, the lipophilicity of many molecules can be potentially increased as they form ion pairs which are more readily dissolvable than the molecule on its own.

Iontophoresis provides a very beneficial delivery system, and has found success in a variety of cosmetic procedures.  Iontophoresis is also used very successfully for the treatment of acne.  Rapid penetration that achieves a greater depth and more concentrated effect with decreased healing time post-surgical procedures is what makes iontophroresis the innovative new science in restorative skin rejuvenation, facial surgery, and acne treatment.

Introductory Offer:

To introduce this amazing little beauty tool, we are including our Skin Lightening and Brightening Serum which helps reduce the appearance of dark circles to lift and brighten the skin. R695. This offer valid only whilst stocks last.

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