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Gorgeous Blusher Pallet

R 325
Why Use Me?

Imagine completing your make up look each day with a light dusting of a gorgeous powdered blush made from pigments of real fruit including pomegranates, cherries and berries which are packed with anti-oxidants.

This is the reality when using our natural organic and vegan blush (and of course, like all our products, cruelty free!)

Our all natural pressed 9 shade blusher palette is made with soothing rice powder (instead of talc) and filled with antioxidants in the form of acai oil and fruity extracts, Pigmented with natural plants and minerals, they deliver a healthy dose of colour that is blendable, buildable and lasts all day. 

One of our favourite ways to use our blushers is an unexpected one — as shadow on the eyes. That’s right, this blush palette not only looks gorgeous when blended out on your cheekbones — they can look even more stunning on your lids. 


9 shades

How To Use It:
  • After adding blush to your brush, gently tap off any excess powder.  Always do this to avoid applying too much. 
  • Next, look in the mirror and smile.  Notice the “apples of your cheeks” (roundness that forms on cheeks). 
  • Using the brush, you will want to apply, sweeping from the outer part of the “apples” back along your cheekbones towards your hairline.  But first, picture an imaginary line extending down your face from the outer part of your iris, past the apples and then stopping in line with the end of your nose.  This line should divide the apple into two parts.  Focus on the outer section.  This is the part that goes from the line towards the hairline.  Blush shouldn’t go any closer in towards the centre of your face than the outer iris. 

NB: please allow 7-10 days for delivery during the holiday season.


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