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Dr Pen Auto Microneedle System

R 2,300
Beautiful Skin Like Never Before

Dr Pen Auto Microneedle System is a revolutionary micro-needling device which aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin and benefits include:

  • Safer and more effective in piercing the skin than traditional skin needling rollers
  • Has a superior effect on collagen and elastin rejuvenation
  • Multi-speed and adjustable needle depth
  • Highest effectiveness
  • Effectively treat hard-to-reach places
  • Promotes scar-less healing and natural collagen reproduction
Ongoing and long lasting results:
  • Combine with Hey Gorgeous serums and moisturisers that have been meticulously formulated to treat specific skin goals.
  • Cumulative results enable continuing rejuvenation for healthy-looking skin.
  • Target problem areas such as fine lines around the lips, eyes and frown lines.
  • Reduce the appearance of scars or skin damage, such as acne scars and stretch marks on the face or body.
  • Minimise the appearance of large pores, blackheads and milia.
  • Plumps up lines and deep wrinkles
  • Treats & improves skin texture
  • Treats & reduce crow's feet &  laugh lines
  • Treats & reduces acne scars
  • Treats & reduces ice pick and chickenpox scars
  • Treats & diminishes hyperpigmentation
  • Treats & diminishes age spots & sun damaged skin
  • Treats & diminishes  enlarged pores
  • Significantly improves the appearance of stretch marks
  • boosts collagen and elastin fibres by up to 1000%
  • Enhances absorption of skin/hair products by up to 2000% so they are able to work more effectively.
  • No downtime
  • Painless
How does it work?

Dr Pen consists of two parts: an electric hand piece that plugs into the wall for a stable and consistent source of power, and a 2 needle tips, each containing 12 microscopic needles. You simply click the needle cartridge into hand piece,and your Dr Pen device is ready for action.

The internal motor causes the needles in the Tip to oscillate at a rate of close to 110 revolutions per second. When the needle tip makes contact with the skin, the needles create tiny puncture in the skin's surface, causing micro-trauma, and inducing an immune response, and subsequently, the creation of new healthy collagen. The punctures also act as micro-channels that carry topical nutrients used during the treatment deep into skin layers for an increased effect. Because the needles oscillate as quickly as they do, the tip of the Pen easily *glides* across the skin, without catching or causing any dermal tearing.

This small, easy to operate device is able to produce similar, if not better, results to a fractional laser, without the risk of hyper or hypo-pigmentation, as well as other side effects and downtime associated with these effective, but potentially damaging ablative heat based treatments.

This kit comes with 2 needle cartridges. Each cartridge has 12 titanium needles and can be reused 3 -4 times. (Please note, cartridges should not be shared. You can of course use your Dr Pen on a clients (if you are a salon/spa owner, or a friend or family, but always use a new cartridge each time).

Does it hurt?

Dr Pen offers multiple needle lengths to treat your specific skin goals. They range from .2mm to 3mm. Numbing cream is not required for anything up to 1.5mm but you may find it more comfortable to ice or use a numbing cream if you are making use of the 2mm+ . Because it glides over your skin, it is much kinder on the skin and easier to use. 

Derma Roller Vs Derma Pen?

Dermal rollers are simpler, less tech-savvy predecessors to the Derma Pen. The Dr Pen tip has a much smaller surface area which comes in contact with the skin, which allows it to treat those hard to reach areas quickly, easily, and effectively. Even though it may seem that such a small contact surface would make the treatment much longer and much more tedious, the truth is to the contrary — because the needles vibrate at such a high oscillation rate, the Dr Pen Tip glides across the skin with ease, providing for quicker treatment times.

The different depths needed to treat various regions on the face and body presents another problem if you are using a derma roller. Dr Pen features adjustable needle depth, making it easy for the you to tailor the treatment perfectly to suit your needs The most important difference between dermal rollers and the Dr Pen system lies in the effectiveness of the two technologies. One thing has been repeatedly shown to be true — the more micro-punctures a device is able to achieve, the more dramatic the results will be. With the majority of dermal rollers, the maximum achievable number of holes is somewhere between 300 and 400 holes per second. While this sounds like a lot, the number sounds quite small when compared to the number of micro-punctures created by the Dr Pen system. With its 12-tip needle head and a motor that produces close to 110 revolutions per second, the Dr Pen is able to deliver an impressive 1,300 holes per second, ensuring the most dramatic results.

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